Japanese sign up for DNA matchmaking as country faces demographic crisis

June 2019

Japanese Grannies Release G20 Rap Video

June 2019

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May 2019


Japan’s Emperor Akihito abdicates in historic ceremony

April 2019

Profile of Emperor Akihito: 30 years making amends for the war

April 2019

Japan’s new empress ignites hope for a modern era

April 2019


Gold-dusted crisps to mark Japan’s new emperor

April 2019

Japan chooses new imperial era name: Reiwa

April 2019

Rising anti-US sentiment in Okinawa

February 2019


Hostage Justice in Japan

Japanese companies to create artificial meteor showers

January 2019

Vladimir Putin becomes calendar pin-up in Japan

December 2019


Japanese Empress loves reading Jeeves and Wooster

November 2019

Japanese princess marries commoner in Tokyo shrine

October 2018

Japanese politician kicked out for sucking cough sweets

October 2018


Profile: Yusaku Maezawa to fly to the moon

September 2018

“Golden eggs” to treat cancer

September 2018

Japan and North Korea’s “secret meeting”

August 2018


Japan floods

July 2018

Japanese politician says childless are “selfish”

June 2018

Japanese whisky producers run dry

May 2018


Kamikatsu: Inside Japan’s zero-waste village

May 2018

Japanese worker told to “conceive by rota”

April 2018

Japan’s Drive-thru Funerals

December 2017


Meet Japan’s next Emperor

December 2017

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January 2017

Japan’s abdicating Emperor?

October 2016


Tokyo elects first female governor

July 2016

Fukushima rice on sale in UK

June 2016

No more soggy sushi

January 2016


Ramen Renaissance

December 2015

KitKat in Japan

December 2015

Pepper the Robot

November 2015


Silent cafes

September 2015 

Hiroshima anniversary

August 2015 

Speed-dating Nuns

June 2015


King on cheats heads East

13 April 2014 

Futuristic parking

November 2013

Japan looks to rekindle growth with the Olympic flame

22 September 2013


Margaret Howell business

June 2013

Japan tsunami anniversary: revisiting Rikuzentakata, the town 'wiped off the map'

March 2012

Mudbusters: Tsunami clean-up mission

July 2011